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Industrial Ecology is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the sustainable combination of Business, Environment & Technology.  The word 'industrial' represents how humans use natural resources in the production of goods and services. Ecology refers to the concept that our industrial systems should incorporate principles exhibited within sustainable natural ecosystems.
Industrial ecology is the shifting of industrial process from linear (open loop) systems, in which resource and capital investments move through the system to become waste, to a closed loop system where wastes become inputs for new processes.  Industrial ecology views industrial systems as being integral to ecological systems not separate from them.
What's New:

New Graduate Studies course in Industrial Ecology at Harvard Extension School's Sustainability and Environmental Management Graduate Program.


ENVR E-158 Industrial Ecology Concepts and Practice


The goals of the course are as follows: to define and describe industrial ecology; to demonstrate the relationships among production, consumption, sustainability, and industrial ecology; to show how industrial ecology serves as a framework for consideration of environmental and sustainability-related aspects of science and technology; and to introduce quantitative analytical methods and investigate their application to industrial ecology. The course provides an overview of theory, analytical methodology, and practical challenges in the field of industrial ecology. Emphasis is given to understanding how environmental assessment and improvements are carried out with support from systems analytical methods such as material flow analysis, risk analysis, life cycle analysis, energy analysis, cost benefit analysis, and eco-efficiency analysis.


Course will be held in the spring of 2016. Registration starts November 16, 2015.

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